Tarteist Pro Palette REVIEW

Some might say they like pina coladas, or even getting caught in the rain. But personally, I enjoy long romantic walks down the makeup aisle… Who doesn’t enjoy a nice stroll through the pre-lit mirrored shelves. And let’s not forget about the rows upon rows of brightly colored products just waiting to be swatched! Now THAT’S what I call fun. If you don’t leave Sephora with a hand covered in various shades of glosses and pigments: well, honey, you’re doing it wrong!

Since most people are aware of my addiction to the glorious money-trap we call a cosmetic store, I received a gift card for Christmas! Now came the hard part…what do you use it on!? SO many options. SO little time. Lots of pressure.

After years of settling for cheap eyeshadow with little to no color pay off, and tons of fallout. I decided it was time I invested in a GOOD QUALITY palette! While this didn’t really narrow down my selection as much as I’d hoped, it gave me a direction to go in.

Even though I hadn’t yet heard many reviews on the Tarte Amazonian Clay collection, I just knew that I needed this gem in my life! Tarteist Pro, here I come!

I will warn you……this retails for $53. A pretty hefty price tag if I do say so myself! But oh so very worth it! And even though the packaging is matte black and shows every last fingerprint and speck of dust (as you can see), it shouldn’t be big enough of a deal to detour you from getting it.

Let me share with you a few facts, and then we will get to the swatches!!

-This is made in the USA and is part of the permanent collection.

-There are 20 shades. Including 16 matte, and 4 metallic/duo-chrome.

-Real vanilla scent is a bonus!

-The mirror is a great size and I frequently use it to apply the rest of my makeup as well.

The official website describes each color as follows:

classic (cream)

innocent (soft peach)

whimsy (brick)

smoked (dark brown)

ethereal (bronze)

vintage (ivory)

fierce (cool plum)

no filter (purple mauve)

vamp (deep plum)

glam (champagne)

chic (pale pink)

profesh (taupe)

mod (deep cherry)

drama (maroon)

minx (shimmering mauve)

indie (greige)

bold (light brown)

edgy (chocolate)

punk (black)

trendy (prismatic teal)


All around, this is an extremely versatile array of colors, and the variety of looks you can get out of it are endless! The matte colors blend very easily and apply best when a primer is underneath. (I recommend the classic Urban Decay Primer Potion)

Slight dustiness when using a heavy hand, but be warned that these are very pigmented and a LITTLE goes a very long way! When used cautiously, this is an amazing product!

I’m thinking about doing a demonstration post on a few different looks you can do with this ONE palette.

Let me know in the comments down below, YOUR favorite palette. High end or otherwise! Makeup is my language. Let’s talk! 🙂

XOXO-Taylor D.

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