Friends Turned to Strangers

From 18 years of friendship…to basically strangers. I lost the one person I never thought I could lose…

You know when you’re younger, and you get those necklaces that say BFF on them? YOU get one half of the heart, and your friend gets the other? You promise to never take them off, and you swear to each other that you will be bestest friends forever!? Those were the days… Naive little souls, with not a clue what the world would have in store for them. Makes you want to go back in time and say, “Just wait, my dear…you   have   no   idea…”

Now, I don’t want to just dive right in and make this is a sad and depressing story right off the bat. However, this IS a sad story. I am about to share with you one of the most difficult times in my entire life. The year I lost my best friend…

The dictionary says that a “best friend” is someone that you value above other friends in your life. Somebody who you trust, and you confide in. The first person you call when you have good news, or when tragedy strikes and you don’t know what else to do.

That was us! Me and Kennedy. Absolutely inseparable since day one! We are exactly 26 days apart, and have been there for each other every single step of the way. Experiencing every single FIRST together! Through all the birthday sleepovers, and the many broken hearts; we were there. NO MATTER WHAT!

I’m sure you’ve had a friend like that before. If so, consider yourself lucky! They are few and far between.

Looking back on the year 2016, the only word that comes to mind is MONUMENTAL. For the whole entire world of course, but especially for our friendship.

This was one of the most important times of our lives! We had our dream senior trip planned to Playlist Live Orlando, prom the next week, and then of course GRADUATION! More than ever before, this was a crucial time for us, and we needed each other more than anything!

I can’t exactly pin point when things started going downhill, but what I can remember is that it just kept moving faster and faster. Never before did I think that we would go from our regular 24/7 conversations, to going full months without speaking one word.

Without going into too much detail, she got a boyfriend, and he became a very big part of her! Taking up most of her time, and definitely pulling us apart. Me and said boyfriend did not get along too well to begin with, so that caused conflict on it’s own. But she cared about him SO much! What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t stand by her decisions!?

I truly did try so hard to make it work. I always talked to her, I invited her over, just desperately needing her back. All to no avail… I finally got to a point where I quit caring as much. None of my efforts were working, and I was wasting my time.

My parents always told me that people grow apart, and that it will all be okay in the end! Which I understand, but in a time like this, I couldn’t seem to grasp it. It was like, I could hear them talking, but it was all white noise at this point. How could this be happening!

Growing up, we never ever fought! I know that may sound dramatic, but it’s true! We were so similar that we never seemed to have strife. I am eternally grateful for that as well. Though, as time went on, we got older, and things changed. We were finding out who we were, and in the end, we pushed each other out instead of holding on like we should have.

Nearing the end, the time we spent NOT talking, heavily out weighed our time ACTUALLY talking. Of course, it was very hard in the beginning; but when it came down to it, we both had given up!

As winter rolled around, our conversations became slightly more frequent. Improvement nonetheless! Yet distance was still the issue… We talked out of habit, not because we actually had things to talk about.

I never in a million years could have predicted this. The one person in the whole world that knows every detail of my life, was a stranger. I didn’t even feel comfortable talking to her anymore. Which undoubtedly killed me!

It wasn’t until December 29th, that our lives flipped upside down once more! But this time, for the better.

Me and Kennedy had been texting all night, knowing that we were getting so close to the beginning of a new year, a fresh new start! Determined to rekindle our friendship, we were planning a weekend getaway together. It was so nice to actually be talking again, and actually CARING again!

If you recall, Disney channel was having a Hannah Montana marathon! The finale was on, and I just happened to look up at the right time. Miley and Lily were leaving for college…they both had gone through a bit of a falling out…and this was the end… Having to choose between your future, and your best friend; it just hit me on such a personal level.

I of course texted her immediately and explained what was going on. We both profusely started apologizing and with tears streaming down my face, I had finally done it. Months ago, I thought we were done for. No sign of light at the end of the tunnel. Yet here we were. Starting over. FRIENDS AGAIN.

The song that plays at the end of the episode is now so much more than a stupid TV show. That song healed our friendship.

“So I’m moving on, Letting go, Holding on to tomorrow, I’ve always got the memories while I’m finding out who I’m gonna be, We might be apart but I hope you always know, You’ll be with me wherever I go.”

Fast forward, two months later, we now have matching tattoos, and are stronger than we have ever been before!

Just remember, when it seems as though things are falling apart, they are actually falling into place. (everything happens for a reason)

(I love you so much, Kenz. Although I hate what has happened, I know it was for the best! I can’t wait to get out there and make our dreams come true TOGETHER! You truly will always be with me, wherever I go. “Together forever, never apart. Maybe in distance, but never at heart.”)

*Have you ever experienced something similar to my story? In a way, I hope not! But if you have, let me know how you dealt with it. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!*

XOXO-Taylor D.





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