Failure is NOT an Option


I read this quote recently and just couldn’t seem to get it off my mind! Now if you know me, you know that I don’t truly believe in accidents. My life motto is that everything happens for a reason! So on that note, as I drove past this church near home, I noticed the sign out front. It is very well known for their clever phrases and memorable quotes, but this one has really stuck with me! Thought provoking if you must.

We shouldn’t ever be afraid to try something new! Great things never came from comfort zones…

It wasn’t until after my high school graduation that I suddenly became very aware of how mundane my everyday life was… Sad as it sounds, I was going through that routine, “hamster wheel life” that everyone talks about. I hadn’t really noticed much until I started seeing other people’s lives changing around me. And what was I doing? The same thing I’ve always done. I wanted MORE!

While my friends were over here going on mission trips in third world countries, and getting engaged, I was working my regular minimum wage/part time job, and scrolling mindlessly through social media in my down time. It was starting to really get to me. I just felt as though life had so much more to offer, and I was ready to take it! Head on, face first, whatever you call it…

Last year, my best friend (of 18+ years) briefly mentioned to me that we should up and move across the country! Now of course, we were half way joking–and while I knew she wasn’t totally serious, I was terrified!! How could little ole us, from the Midwest, move away on our own!? Just the mere thought made my palms sweaty. (knees weak, arms are heavy) *sorry, no more Eminem lyrics* But really! There’s no possible way it would work out… OR WOULD IT!?

As we prepare ourselves for some of the biggest and most important times in our “young adult” lives, I ask that you will keep us in your prayers, and always remember, “Don’t Sit in Darkness. Reach For the Light.” Failure is not an option, and when you feel like giving up, try try again!!

*What is one thing that YOU have always wanted to try, but never had the nerve to do!? Let’s work on achieving our goals together, and making our dreams come true!*

XOXO-Taylor D.

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  • Misti

    Well said, Sis! I am very proud of you both for being so bold and brave!! God will bless your adventures (and comfort my aching heart). 😊

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