Aspiring Photographers: LOOK NO FURTHER!! (social media/blogging)


A fairly common saying that I know you’ve heard at least once! Now, the context in which this is being said can differ, but in the end, the meaning is the same!
Pictures are an excellent way to freeze time. To stop and to take it all in. A way to look back on a certain place, or time, and just feel all of those memories rushing back.
Of course, some photos come with scars, and it can hurt to look back at them…some may be full of such love that one simple frame can’t express it…and some may be so so simple, “you had to be there” kinds of moments. Nonetheless, what they say is true: A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS.

No photo is taken without a story behind it. Whether it be a long dramatic description, or a single feeling to hold onto. Photography is a way to express yourself, and I think that everyone should try it!
I am by no means saying, GO OUT AND BUY AN EXPENSIVE CAMERA AND BECOME A WORLD-RENOWNED PHOTOGRAPHER!!! Just snap a pic with your smart phone, pull out the old polaroid from way back when, heck! Buy one of those disposable ones from the drugstore! We all have to start somewhere.

Sooooooooo, to help you along your journey, I’m going to be starting a new series of sorts right here on my blog! Where I’ll show you tips and tricks about the basics of taking photos. We’re gonna learn about angles, lighting, focus, editing, and contrast…(to name a few)
I can not wait to share with you what I’ve learned so far, and to continue learning right along with you!

So let’s do it! Grab your DSLR, your iphone, or your freaking drone for all I care, and let’s make memories!!:)
Just document! Have keepsakes! Reminisce on the past! And enjoy the future!
But most of all, love the present–because it’s all we truly have.

Xx-Taylor D.

FIRST POST HERE!! (VSCO photo editing tutorial)


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