My 13 FAVORITE Horror Films

Hello again, dear old Friday the 13th… This time in October!! Oooohhh creeeppyy!!


Come on, who doesn’t love a good scare!? I promise, you won’t find me riding roller coasters, or pitching a tent out at Camp Crystal Lake–but I can’t pass up the adrenaline rush from a horror film!! Something about that “edge of your seat/face hidden behind your hands” feeling that just gets you every time!! Man, I love it.

Call me crazy, but I grew up with scary movies. It was such a fun part of my childhood, and something that most of my family (brother excluded) could all relate on and enjoy together! My dad, of course, always introducing us to the new remakes & old cult classics. (some obviously better than others)

Within the HORROR genre, there are tons of subcategories… We’ve got ghosts, possessions, vampires, witches, true stories, killers & hauntings…to name a few. My personal favorite being “based on true events”. Hell yeah, buddy!! Bring on the reality.

Incase you’re wondering, YES, I do believe in ghostly spirits and all that jazz. I just prefer them via the TV screen, not in my own home. (please and thank you) And since I have seen quite a few in my day, I put together this list for you of my TOP 13 very favorite horror movies!!

In no particular order, let’s get into the creepiness shall we??

(click here to read a little more in depth about each movie)

  1. Annabelle (2014) — Forever one of my all time favorites! SO well done, and pretty good with the jump scares. (I even dressed up as Annabelle for Halloween one year, and that was for sure my favorite costume. Thank you, Grandma for the homemade replica of the dress!)
  2. The Conjuring (2013) — This is sort of in line with Annabelle as well. Not a lot of gore or cussing, but excellent actors and production!
  3. Friday the 13th (1980) — Now I’ll be honest this is a verrryy cheesy film when you watch it these days! But that’s why I love it. More for a good laugh than a scare I’d say.
  4. Carrie (2013) — The original Carrie with Sissy Spacek freaks me out a little. She just comes across as a little TOO weird for me. But this remake is definitely one I watch over and over again!
  5. Get Out (2017) — Dude, this whole story line is pretty jacked, especially considering the times! Although, I think that’s what adds to it. Really keeps you guessing the whole time.
  6. I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) — I only recently got around to watching this one, but omg I loved it!! Very well made, and good acting, even for the 90s! Haha
  7. Beetlejuice (1988) — A true family classic around here! Can’t remember a time where I didn’t know about this movie. Freaky weird, but hey, it’s Tim Burton. What can you really expect??
  8. IT (1990) — I’ll warn you. This is an extremely long movie! And I mean extremely longgggg. You can look past it though, creepy clowns that lure children are always worth it right??
  9. Scream (1996) — Now, I can honestly say that I have spent an entire day watching all 4 of these back to back… No shame. However, the first is still the best!
  10. Amityville Horror (2005) — 2 words. RYAN REYNOLDS. (need I say more)
  11. Hush (2016) — Found this diamond in the rough on Netflix one evening, and I won’t lie! I was so impressed! Just note that it is based around a deaf girl, therefore, there isn’t a ton of talking.
  12. The Purge (2013) — Sadly, I have only watched the first of this collection. Nevertheless, I really loved it! Low-key kind of terrifying when you think about it becoming a reality…
  13. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) — Guilty pleasure for sure! I know I know. THAT movie. But also, guys. It’s Tim Curry in drag. Are we complaining!?

I must say, I have quite the array of new and old mixed in here. There’s just so many to choose from, it’s hard to narrow it down!! And trust me, I have a list of ones to watch next.
(just gotta wait until I go home for the holidays…cough cough…party-pooper roommate…)

PLEASE let me know what your favorites are!! Maybe it’s some that I didn’t even mention. I love hearing other people’s take on scare tactic films like this. Super intriguing for sure:)

So hey, be safe out there. Don’t let your superstitions get the best of you. And have fun!!

Until next time…
Stay creepy, my loves!



  • Mom

    No matter how much I tried to “protect” my kids your dad always came along and “corrupted” you all anyway! 😜 Scary movies are a prime example!!! (I guess I should have expected that, though. He corrupted me with them, too!) LOL I do love the variety in your list, though. 😊

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