1. Misti

    That was absolutely beautiful and very well said!! Sis, I am so very proud of you!! Your positivity is definitely an inspiration!!!

    • Destiny

      Thank you so much! I know that I’m only ONE person…but I hope that I help to inspire even a single person in my life. That’s my goal! ILY Xx

  2. Grandma

    We just talked about this very thing at Bible Study last night!! You get to choose how you react to things in life. I love that you choose to be positive! Grandpa used to say the thing about “any day above ground is a good day.” Love you!

    • Destiny

      That’s so cool!! I just really felt like my heart was telling me to write about it… I’m sure me and Grandpa would’ve gotten along great:) LYTTEOTN Xx

  3. Becky Helton

    Alyssa wants me to tell you her Happy songs are Amen from Edens Edge or that’s what I love about Sunday’s by Craig Morgan. 😊

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